Since 1990 Thompson Brooks has built more than 300 million dollars of beautiful homes throughout the Bay Area. Below are a few unsolicited comments from our clients, subcontractors and architects.

“I am working with a San Francisco contractor that I think is fabulous. I just wrote to her and asked if they work in Sonoma and she said yes. We are building a new modern house in the peninsula and so far, it has been the best contracting experience I have ever had. From initial conversations to where we are on framing, they are first class. They study every condition and ask the most well thought out questions. We are all a team with the goal of delivering a perfect product. I called several of her architectural references (some of the best Architects in the city) and each was thrilled with her. My client did the same with Judith’s past clients. It’s nice to be so positive about someone – but that’s the way it is. You do pay for the excellent management but we feel that the efficiency and end product will be worth it. Plus—no aggravation!” – Nancy Scheinholtz, Architect

I recently finished an extensive remodel on my house in Belvedere and couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome because of the superb experience I had with Thompson Brooks.  The project had all sorts of complications due to challenging access to the house, sensitive neighbors, and my real budget constraints.  I am in the Real Estate Industry and have remodeled several homes in the past, and each time been very disappointed with my contractor and unsatisfied with their performance.  Poor communication, bad planning, insensitivity to neighbors, and wishful budgeting projections were the norm. But with Judith Thompson and her team at Thompson Brooks, I had the diametric opposite experience.  They brought to my job incredible craftsmanship, clear and frequent communications, and honesty and integrity.  I truly can’t sing their praises high enough. They tell it like it is, and do what they promise; you will be thrilled if you get a chance to work with them. – Joe G.

“Work is very well managed. Work has steadily progressed with only minimal delays caused by weather and other site issues.  The site managers, in my experience, respond very quickly to any issues that arise.  They do their best to minimize the impacts of their operations.  In my experience, I don’t believe (and I have considerable experience in similar project in scope and magnitude in my career) that it could be managed any better than it is.  The job that is being done, in my opinion, is fully in the top notch.  There’s no criticism there.”  – Fred Lustenberg, Chief Building Official, Tiburon

“ThompsonBrooks has been General Contractor on several projects of our design. Their work is consistently of the highest quality, and communications are clear and comprehensive. Personnel, at all levels, are professional and a pleasure to to work with.  We recommend ThompsonBrooks to clients with high expectations, and look forward to working with them again. “-Patrick Sheahan & Cathleen Quandt ,Architects

Thompson Brooks consistently operates with the highest level of professionalism and integrity in their industry. Every TBI employee we have worked with exhibits a fantastic customer first attitude. They have excellent project management, budgeting and sub-contractor management skills. They have great experience in complex projects in difficult environments like high rise buildings. They work very well with a large number of parties that make up a project – designers, third party consultants, lighting, AV, building management and others. They keep you constantly up to date on what is going on with the project and are excellent at solving problems that will come up in any project. Unlike many people in their business – you can trust their word and know that they will stand by their work for many years to come.

We used TBI for a remodeling project and we are just starting a second project with them. They are my first choice for any project. “  Blake J.  Client

“Judith Thompson has the sensitivity and appreciation for good design that is transmitted directly into the construction process. She is the rare contractor that understands that the foundation for great work is the collaboration of the collective wisdom and experience of all the parties involved in building enduring architecture. She knows when to guide, when to push, and when to let go. As a designer, I get to realize the full potential of a design through the precision craftsmanship and management of the building process by her company.” – Fu-Tung Cheng, Architect

“I have worked with all the team members at Thompson Brooks, Inc. on the restoration of the historic estate in Hillsborough. They were organized, efficient and on top of every detail and intricacy involved in the project. There were so many different levels and facets to the project and working with a residence that was 100 years old and imported rooms from Europe that were even older. We had to maintain the integrity of the original design while at the same time bring it up to current livable conditions for a family.”
– Christian Huebner, Interior Design

Judith:  Your entire team, including all the subs and people who worked in the house, had the utmost respect for me as a person when I came through the house and in the way they all conducted themselves in meetings (and we can all say that experiences with architects and contractors are not always that way! 🙂 I also explained that after an almost 8 plus year relationship with Thompson Brooks and all your subs we are still very very pleased with everything.

With Thompson Brooks in charge, the process of remodeling was efficient. And, specifically, your project manager would be on top of me to make decisions, so that the doors would come with door knobs at the appropriate time, and things like that. I also mentioned how efficient and professional Thompson Brooks was at dealing with and “handling” of ‘high maintenance’ architects and designers, the city, and everyone involved in the project. (I also explained it was Judith’s calm moderating of many an angry discussion between the various groups involved that finally won me my loggia skylight!)

Thompson Brooks made the usually hellish process of remodeling a pleasant experience.  Cheers   – Stacey D. (Client)


“TB is one of the most accurate builders we have worked with in the last 35 years.  Your effort on the front end is amazing and very much appreciated by every trade.” – David Wick, President at O.B. Williams



My note is long overdue but it does not lessen the gratitude Ruth and I feel for the tremendous job you and your team did with our “build out”. We moved into our home on Church Street 13 years ago and have been talking about “building out the basement” ever since. We developed drawings on several different configurations income and non- income producing but we never pulled the trigger. The project always felt so overwhelming and having heard horror stories about construction projects…. the disruption, the stress, over-runs and the surprises to name a few, we preferred to keep it as a dream.

We are so grateful to you and your team for making our experience the exact opposite of the stories we heard and such a positive experience all the way around. Whether it was your crew or a sub contractor both were consistently good and had the same high caliber performance and customer interaction. Of course the TBI team is a stand out for us, from our project manager Danny to our carpenters Mayolo and Margarito. We were so impressed with the professionalism, commitment  and level of communication. When ever there was a change or decision point we talked it through and Danny would always follow up with an e-mail so there was no confusion.  

Also the quality of the work was a cut above, it is obvious Mayolo and Margarito are true craftsman and perfectionists. Friends and family members that saw the work in progress were always commenting on what a “great job” your team was doing. We so appreciated Mayolo’s attention to detail he never let anything slip by and was very helpful guiding us through the maze of decisions. We had a lot of faith in him and knew he would steer us in the right direction.

I can’t tell you how good the new room feels and looks and how much we are enjoying it. Thanks you and everyone at TBI for making our 13 year dream come true.

Gale and Ruth