1989 Earthquake damage to building at Divisadero St. Colapsed building

In 2013, San Francisco’s Department of Building created the Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance. This multi-year effort will ensure the safety and resilience of San Francisco through the mandatory retrofit of all older, wood-framed, multi-family buildings with a soft-story condition.

To help the thousands of San Francisco property owners who now must meet these updated retrofit standards and requirements, we’ve established a new division of our company: Thompson Brooks Seismic Retrofits.

Why choose us?

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve successfully completed many major multi-story seismic retrofits. During this time, we’ve developed close working relationships with a number of structural engineers recommended by the City and County of San Francisco. This experience has also given us real-world knowledge as to which products and materials will work best for your particular retrofit project.

At Thompson Brooks Seismic Upgrades, we’re known for our:

Attention to detail, with hands-on service from one of our principals at every site meeting

On-time schedules and crews, because we realize that time truly is money

On-budget projects with no financial surprises

As a nationally known, woman-owned contractor specializing in high-end residential construction, we’re ready to take on the challenges of your soft story retrofit, no matter its size or complexity.

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